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Start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
Literally, ignore them.
Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your space. Alex Elle (via inthewateriambeautiful-)

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gloomy day in #astoria (at Astoria Blvd)
I have a really bad habit of using “it” as a pronoun for babies.
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This is a REALLY IMPORTANT BOOK that I’m reading right now. Everything I want to say about it doesn’t actually do it justice—but it’s a really important read for anyone who cares about rap, the music industry, social inequality, and creating change. If change starts with the music, we need to be really careful with what we allow to become mainstream and what we glorify, because unfortunately there is still so much social progress to be made, so much stigma that needs to be proven wrong, and some modern rap seems to be detracting from that… a lot of lyrics misrepresent a culture that is SO MUCH RICHER than the drugs and bitches portrayed in your average Rick Ross song… And I don’t like seeing people I love and care about be subjected to social stigma and fear because of what some cop or conservative freak heard in a rap song etc etc etc AGAIN I’m not doing it justice by trying to explain in an IG caption, nor do I have a shred of the knowledge Rose has to share, so just READ THIS! 🙌 #hiphop #books #reading


Every Dorito is a triangle but not every triangle is a Dorito

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Danny Brown // Way Up Here (feat. Ab-Soul)


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